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Seven reason your Flat sheet only is your soul-mate

Ever think that how much a flat sheet only matters? Let me link it in another way. Do you know that we spend about 1/3rd of our life on bed? Yes, we do! There is no doubt that a good bed can add some quality hours of sleep. And bed sheet is crucial in that bed apart from cosy duvet and relaxing pillows.

A memory of vacations had a corner of hotel rooms too, what about hotel-bed experiences? An incredible experience of relax and fresh mornings, have a very wide role of beddings and coverings on it. Have you ever tried to recreate the same experience at your home? If no, then take a chance to create a same aura at your home, in your bedroom, at your bed on your flat sheet only.
A flat sheet only can be your soul mate in many ways, a bed sheet can change your mood, can calm your senses, can make you relax or can make you rejuvenate.
Here, listing 7 reasons for how a sheet-set can be your soul-mate:

1. Mood Booster: In flat sheet, color plays an important role. Yes, it does! Color of your sheet-set decides your mood. After a hectic day, what an individual can expect? I think, a relaxing aura can work. Your sheet-set can be a mood booster for you. So try to pick a color of your sheet-set according to your mood or here we can say according to your work. On one side, a rockstar can go for bright colors whereas, an investment banker would choose soothing colors for their good night sleep. Think for it once. In case of mine, I will chose white sheet set.

2. Sleep snug: flat Sheet only can be snug for your sleep or can be bleak, it depends on various things like a color, a cloth quality and most important which we usually ignore is a thread quality. Yes! A thread quality is must when it comes to check about sheet-set. To get an idea about it, opt for a cotton sheet-set, but remember, there are many types of cotton, and to choose among them, but it’s the length of the fiber that dictates quality of the bed sheet. 300-400 thread count with white linen bedding is better to feel luxury.

3. A companion of your night: In 1/3rd life, which we spend on bed, why it should not be in a full-fledged comfort. When it’s about whole night on a single bed, on same mattress, it’s covering should be in a way that make you feel like your companion, or can say your night partner.

4. Personality reveal: Do you know that flat sheet only reveal about personality, it’s about your choices, your selection about graphics, colors, designs, quality. And I think when it’s about personality, it can be called as your soul-mate too!

5. Fashion fusion: Aha, Fashion with sheet-set! How? Nowadays, interior of your living place is becoming a vital class of society. And when it comes to bedroom, a bed with fluffy mattress is of no match if not paired with classy bed sheet according to color of your bedroom. Give a try to bed sheet of AanyaLinen to spice up the fashion of bedroom.

6. Color of your choice: Color, personally every individual have different choices when it comes to choose color. Do you know, study reveals that people with a blue bedroom manage to get the most sleep per night? However, it’s best to avoid purple, which is said to be too stimulating that can reduce your sleeping hours to less than six hours.

7. Comfort Zone: A flat sheet only can be your comfort zone too. Ever think that when you are tired, first thing we need for relaxation is our bed or our couch and an image appears in mind is of covering, a flat sheet! Your real soul-mate.

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Helpful Tips With Updating Your Kitchen

The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of every home. If you want to improve this particular part of the house, the most important things you need to consider are functionality, convenience and style. When it comes to kitchen upgrades, you can make use of these five easy tips that can turn your outdated kitchen into a brand new space.
Consider updating your cabinet doors.
You can give your kitchen a makeover by painting, replacing or having customised cabinet doors. Depending on your preferences, the cost of upgrading your kitchen cabinet doors can range from a hundred dollars up to six dollar digits.

Whether you have lots of time and patience or lack the budget for new cabinet doors, you can always do DIY projects. However, if you have the money to spend, by all means, do so. You’ll be surprised how giving your cabinet doors a new look can transform your old kitchen.
Replace old appliances
Nowadays, almost everything that runs on electricity is eco-friendly. We now have energy-efficient household appliances that use a considerably lesser amount of energy. What does this mean? You get to have brand new kitchen appliances which are an excellent investment. These are energy-saving machines that look good and works great for your home.
Add Uplighting
Upgrading your kitchen’s lighting does wonders in more ways than one. You won’t only see better with a well-lit kitchen while avoiding accidents, but it will also add beauty and a fresh dose of style.

This year, LED lighting bars placed under your kitchen cabinets gives your countertops the ideal light you need in food preparation. Pendant lights and Bar lights are also hot this year, so you may want to consider this for your kitchen.
Splurge on a fresh coat of paint
Most of the time, what a room needs for an instant makeover is to replace your old and chipping wall paint. It’s is up to you if you want to apply a new colour or re-spray on your kitchen’s old tone to give it a fresh new look. You may also find it easier to use new paint colours when updating your kitchen cabinet doors. If you have a small kitchen, experts advice to use light tones to give an illusion of a larger space.
Improve storage spaces
If there is one room in your home that deserves enough storage space, it would be the kitchen. If you have a limited amount of space to work on, floating shelves or rackets are a great way to add an extra place that doubles as a display. On the other hand, free-standing storages work excellent if you have extra space in your kitchen.

There are lots of other ways on how you can easily give your kitchen a makeover. However, with the items listed above, you can guarantee that your kitchen will look and feel amazing in no time. What matters most is that you’ll feel at home and comfortable in your new kitchen space and that it proves to be functional and convenient at the same time.

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Five reasons why you should choose aluminium windows for your home

Are you planning on renovating your home with new windows? Make sure you choose the right type for your specific house. In this article, you get five reasons why aluminium windows is the right choice

The windows in your home are very important. They should look great with the rest of the materials on the house, they need to be very durable and bring a lot of daylight into the different rooms in the house. All that is possible when you choose aluminium windows.

1) A simple look

One of the reasons why aluminium windows are a great choice, when you want to renovate your home with new windows, is that they have a very simple look. This means, that there is a great opportunity that aluminium windows will be a perfect match for your house. The design is very classic and the colours very simple, which makes it a great choice for almost every type of houses. Also, you will get a lot of light into the house, because of the small amount of frame and the large amount of glass.

2) High durability

Aluminium is a material with a high durability, which is an important factor when it comes to windows. You clearly do not want to replace windows in your house several times, and therefore it is a great idea to focus on the durability. Aluminium only requires minimal maintenance inside and out, and external use of aluminium maximises the benefits of this high durability.

3) Easy to maintain

When you are going to decide which windows, you want in your home, maintenance has a great influence. The less maintenance and cleaning you need to do, the better. As mentioned before, aluminium windows are very durable, which means you do not need to maintain the windows very often. Also, the simple design and the material make sure that you easily can clean the windows when needed.

4) A modern solution

If you a looking for a modern look, aluminium windows will be a great solution. The fine and simple lines are perfect for new houses which primarily are built in a simple style and simple colours. Aluminium windows are a great choice when it comes to raising the value of your house, because many people prefer this type of windows in their house.

5) Secure windows

The aluminium windows also provide many opportunities when it comes to securing your home. This is an important part of choosing new windows and you need to make sure that the type of windows you pick makes it very difficult for the burglars to break in.

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Tips A Guide to Stretching Your Kitchen Storage Space

Regardless of your kitchen’s size, two complaints are always at the top of home owners’ lists: not having enough storage space, or not being able to utilize it effectively. But while these issues may have been a major source of frustration in the past, today’s your lucky day: we’re here to give you six insider tips for stretching your storage with everything from low-budget gadgets to high-quality kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out how to resolve your kitchen struggles in smart and simple ways, which may even leave you with space to spare!

1. Decide on Drawers

The move away from cabinets with doors and towards drawers is one of the hottest industry trends this year… and for good reason! While cabinets with doors and chaos go hand in hand, fully extending drawers are a far more practical and tidy solution, enabling you to see their entire contents without having to bend over or move items out of the way. All it takes to get a comprehensive overview of your drawers is one glance – provided that you’ve organized them, that is!

2. Opt for Organization

Our tip to keep your drawers neat brings us to our next point: how to systematize them in an effective manner. After all, your drawers are only as good as your organization – if they’re cluttered with a disarray of items, it won’t matter that they’re fully extending! By making use of organizers, such as racks, dividers, or trays, you’ll be able to locate items quickly and easily, ensuring that your high-quality kitchen cabinets live up to their full potential.

3. Capitalize on Corners

Sometimes we can’t have it all: no matter how much we want a seamless kitchen layout, the size and shape of your room and cabinetry may not align. But instead of letting awkward angles and corners stay empty, why not think outside the box? Perhaps you could fill the space with the pantry that you’ve always wanted, a shelf for cookbooks and nutritional guides, or with wall hooks, from which you can hang bulky pots and pans. Regardless of where your creative inklings lead, you’ll reap the benefits when you realize how much you’ve decluttered your countertops and cabinets!

4. Invest in the Kitchen Island

All too often, kitchen islands are viewed as primarily decorative, serving only as a casual dining area or as a place to dump (and then forget about) miscellaneous items. If these are the only functions of your own island, it’s time to dig a little deeper: couldn’t it also serve as the ideal storage space? The answer is a resounding yes – you could equip the base with high-quality kitchen cabinets. Once again, installing drawers is probably your best bet for optimizing space and organization. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not clean up the stuff sitting on your island’s countertop and store it away in your new drawers?

5. Clean Up Your Cabinets

Even if you switch over to drawers, your kitchen may still have upper rows of cabinets that could use a revamp. Instead of shoving items into their dark depths, it’s worth adding shelving to the interior space to enhance visibility and organization. What’s more, you could use over-the-door hangers for everything from pots and pans to aprons and cleaning towels. If you think about it, it’s amazing how much potential storage space usually goes unused!

6. Artful Additions

Now, if you’re on a budget – or you try all of these tips and space is still sparse, – don’t give up just yet: there is a range of simple, low-budget solutions that’ll make a world of difference. High-quality kitchen cabinets and islands are all very well and good, but investing in a few economical gadgets, such as a pegboard for utensils or a magnetic knife holder, may also do the trick. If you don’t have an island or simply need additional storage space, you could also buy a roll-away island, which will provide you with an additional countertop, as well as storage space. And the best part about all of these options is that none of them break the bank!

Whether you’re ready for a full-on remodel or are looking for a quick fix, these six storage suggestions promise not to disappoint. From installing high-quality kitchen cabinets and islands to maximizing your existing space’s storage potential, you’re certainly not at a loss for options – all you have to do is get creative!

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Five Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

Whether you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen or are ready for a full-blown remodel, you’ll want to ensure that the job’s done right – and preferably in style! Any makeover, no matter how large or small, requires inspiration, which you’re likely to receive from countless magazines, billboards, blogs, and your friends’ decorative touches. But how do you sift through all of these options and choose a style that’s bound to stand the test of time? If you’re ready to cut through the noise and make decisions that are sure to last, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the popular trends that many modern, quality kitchens embrace. Read on for the five biggest and boldest traits that are sweeping the industry.

1. Chic Color Choices

If you’re after a look that’s both tidy and elegant, white cabinetry stands head and shoulders above the rest. White not only creates a light and friendly ambiance, but is also timeless, as it perfectly complements everything from natural shades to bright bursts of color. So, you can’t go wrong with this clean, versatile look – especially if you’re prone to frequent redecorating projects.

While white is undoubtedly the leader of the pack in quality kitchens, you could also opt for darker shades if you’d like to swim against the current and spice up your space. Colors such as stone gray, plum, or even black are gaining traction, and are certain to give your space a dramatic edge that’ll wow your visitors. Keep in mind, however, that these shades can make your kitchen too dark, particularly if natural light is sparse.

2. Fully Extending Drawers

Many quality kitchens still have both upper and lower rows of cabinets with doors, but this trend is on a clear downward trajectory. After all, who still wants to have a row of lower cabinets with doors when you could have slick, fully extending drawers instead? This ingenious storage solution not only allows you to get a comprehensive overview of the drawer’s contents at one glance, but also enables you to maximize and effectively organize your space. That’s right: no more partially empty cabinets because you can’t reach the far corners. Drawers save you the trouble of bending down and rummaging through your cupboards – and they look beautiful, too!

3. Versatile Kitchen Islands

Along with lower cabinets with doors, more and more quality kitchens are waving goodbye to wall cabinets in order to create a brighter, less cluttered space. As a result, islands are becoming bigger and better, simultaneously functioning as an area for food preparation, casual dining, and storage. Their versatility is illustrated by a hot trend in open-plan homes, in which islands that extend all the way into the dining or living room area are becoming increasingly common. Never underestimate the functionality of these multifaceted wonders!

4. Fabulous Floors

Solid wood floors are and always will be a top contender in this category, but let’s take a moment to consider the popular alternatives. Engineered wood and ceramic tiles are more practical when it comes to maintenance, and are available in a huge range of styles and textures. So, why not go for one of these materials, which can mimic the sophistication of wood flooring, but don’t stain and don’t require regular varnishing? Ease and elegance all in one.

5. Tech Takes Over

Control your lighting from your smartphone, have your fridge tell you what groceries you need to buy, and wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee without having to lift a finger. These are only a few ways in which technological developments can take your space to new heights, making everyday tasks easier, faster, and not to mention cooler! From voice-responsive virtual assistants to faucets with motion sensors, the future of quality kitchens is digital. Are you ready to take the leap?

Although there are many industry crazes that you could buy into, we know that these five trends are here to stay. Don’t forget to review them when your next kitchen makeover comes a-knocking! They’re guaranteed to get you started on the right foot.

Ten Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Make-Over

Whether you need a place to perfect your favorite gourmet recipe or a place to heat up a frozen pizza, the kitchen is an integral part of any home. From enjoying your coffee in the morning to catching up with friends or family over dinner, most of us spend considerable amounts of time in our kitchens – which makes it all the more important that we feel 100% comfortable in the space.

It’s no wonder then, that so many of us opt for a remodel to create a flawlessly functional kitchen that meets their highest expectations. But before you start fixing all of the quirks that bother you so much, take a moment – or two – to design your ideal space in your head. To keep things in perspective, we’ve put together this list of 10 top tips for creating quality kitchens beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Read on for matchless inspiration!

1. Haste Makes Waste

We can’t say it enough: never begin renovating before you’re perfectly clear on what you want to change. To help you figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go, spend a few hours cooking in the space, actively thinking about what’s undesirable or inefficient. All quality kitchens are the result of meticulous planning, so never skip this step of the process!

2. Leave Plenty of Storage Room

Your storage room on both sides of your stove and near your refrigerator (and maybe even near your microwave) should be at least 15 inches long. Convenience is key, after all!

3. Let’s Chat Countertops

If you’re a cooking guru, go for spacious countertops that’ll allow you to line up and reach all of your ingredients with minimal effort. Should you have children who like helping you cook up a storm, you may even want to consider installing lower countertops that your kids can reach with ease.

4. What’s the Island For?

Many quality kitchens have an island, but you probably haven’t considered what its purpose is. Well, now’s the time, as your answer will affect its design and size! If you want to kill two birds with one stone and use the island as both a cooking and casual dining area, make sure that you leave enough room to accommodate both functions.

5. Keep Cabinetry Away from Corners

Don’t just think about how amazing your new cabinets will look…also think about how – and in what direction – they’ll open. A designer’s worst nightmare is corners obstructing cabinet doors, or cabinet doors swinging in opposite directions and colliding. Blunders like that make for definite face-palm moments.

6. Power Outlets Are Priceless

Whether you’re plugging in your new blender or want to charge your phone, installing power outlets in convenient locations, such as in your island or on the backsplash, is essential – but is often forgotten!

7. Consider Your Walking Paths

As a rule of thumb, all quality kitchens should have walkways that are at least 45 inches wide (if not more!) in cooking areas, and paths that are about 35 inches wide throughout the rest of the space. No one wants a kitchen traffic jam!

8. Tap Into Convenience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill your pot with water right next to your cooktop? Well, ingenious pot fillers turn this dream into a very convenient reality. Why not give your arms a break and install one of these miraculous mechanisms?

9. Revolutionize Recycling

Recycling bins that are in plain sight not only take away from the beauty of a room, but can also get in the way. Resolve both of these problems with a simple solution: conceal your recycling in pull-out cabinets instead. If you’re all about organization, you could even put your glass, plastic, metal, and paper containers in separate cabinets.

10. Consider Cleaning

No one likes to think about cleaning, but do yourself the favor when you remodel your shelves, countertops, and sinks. Although glass shelves or glossy finishes may look fabulous when they’re first installed, consider how much longer these materials will take to clean after you’ve been baking with the kids or trying out a new, elaborate recipe. It often pays off to prioritize practicality over appearance, so give those matte finishes and flush-set sinks a second thought.

Quality kitchens strike the perfect balance between practicality and appearance, and – most importantly – put a smile on your face. Turn your dream into a reality with these 10 tips, which will make the make-over as easy as pie!

Tips to Cleaning your Handbags

Just like jewelries, handbags are women’s best friends – it is just impossible to live without it! Whether you are just grocery shopping or having a business meeting, it just makes our lives simpler and easier.

However, along with the desire to collect a variety of handbags for different occasions is the demand to handle all of them with care. Good thing, handbags are designed to last for many years. Nevertheless, it is still imperative for every woman out there to know how to do it. Here are some tips from experts:

Throw away trash every so often

In order to maintain the looks and quality of your handbag, the first step would be to throw away unnecessary things that have been in your bag for quite some time already.

Throwing them away would make your handbags clean from the inside out and make organizing easier as well. It gives more room for your other important stuffs. Some of the things you need to throw regularly are expired tickets and coupons, wrappers, snacks, and piece of paper no longer use.

Use a damp soft white cloth

A lot of experts would agree to this, that by removing dirt or dust off of your handbag, you simple need to wipe it with a damp soft white cloth. It is the kind of maintenance that’s easy for anyone to do.

You don’t need to use expensive tools and products or hire an expert to do this for you – which would cost a lot of money by the way – because you can do it on your own. You just have to make sure to use the damp cloth properly.

What’s in the care label?

To make things a lot easier for you, check the care label first and follow the instructions given. This would ensure that proper maintenance will be delivered regularly.

Always remember that there are different ways to clean handbags depending on the materials they are made of. For example, real leather has specific cleaning instructions that are different from artificial leather.

Depending on the type of handbag you possess, you need to know in the care label the specific instructions for cleaning them. Following the instructions will help you save the quality of your handbag so that it can remain to be of good use for a long time.

Don’t lay them on the floor

Although most handbags are durable, they can easily wear and tear, especially when you don’t place them properly. In your closet, make sure to have a shelf for your handbags where you can line all of them upright. To keep them upright, stuff a tissue or any soft material inside.

Always treat your handbags like your babies. Prepare a good storage place for them and structure them in a way that’s clean and neat. Proper storage results to proper maintenance.
Know what right products to use

Depending on the kind of bag you have (genuine leather or vegan), the cleaners and polishing materials to use for removing scuffs and for keeping them shiny can vary. Make sure to consult a professional shoe maker or visit a handbag department first.

If you don’t know what products to use or if you don’t know how to use them, educate yourself first. Don’t dive into the situation right away without full knowledge on what to do. For sure, you can find a lot of different products available for handbag cleaning, but not all of them may be right for your handbag. To keep the products from destroying the quality of your handbag, make sure that their ingredients are safe to use.

Spray only

When using cleaning products, remember to not apply them directly on your bags. Instead, spray it on a microfiber cloth first and then wipe. It is very easy to do. If it is your first time to do it, read the instructions and watch some demos.

Now that you know how to care for your handbags, it’ll now be easier for you to carry them around wherever you go. No longer will you have to worry about stains and dirt because now you are confident on how to remove them. Always remember to protect your wonderful investment.

Using Light Grey Duvet Cover Set to Enhance The Bedroom Colors

Grey: a color between white and black. Grey is a subtle color, can be mixed and match with other colors. Colors used to decorate your bedroom matters most, when bedroom is your favourite place to stay with peace. Although, everyone has their own choices, but grey can be a color maximum people can settle for. One of the factor major people choose grey as their choice is, it can mixed by any color and a combination can be well suited with bright or dull colors. A combination of different colors in your bedroom if covered with only a light grey duvet cover can give your bedroom a complete style.

Some ideas to use grey color in your bedroom

What about getting it back from source itself? It’s little bit confusing. So, let it describe in simple words, as grey comes from mixture of black and white, just experiment it with getting it back again. So, a combination of black, white and grey can give your bedroom a classy look with simple availability of accessories for your bedding. If consider white, avoid it using as a duvet cover, as it can attract dirt from surroundings, pillow as white will not be so attractive and black duvet cover will make a dominate color combination that may not please your eyes. So, just try a combination of white bed sheet coupled with black pillows and cover this up with duvet cover. Other color combinations are also available depend upon your choice.

A mild colors in combination with Mr. Grey

A perfect idea to decorate a girl’s room is to try a combination of pink and grey. Yes, a mild and strong color can beatify the bedroom that to in proper balance. This combination can avoid too much childish but also gives a feminism touch to a bedroom. A combination of white, grey and pink can give a peace to your evening. What about to try a combination of light grey duvet cover with white bed sheet and pink pillow covers. Aha! a nice, pleasing, simple and soothing combination to sleep in. Grey is one of the color which is neither comes under only category of masculine neither in feminine.

Grey too have many shades

Grey, a versatile color, available in many shades to use for. So, give a try to decorate your bedroom with different shades of grey. light Grey duvet cover – fresh and so very modern, light grey pillow covers, solid grey curtains, charcoal grey floor mat and other things according to your choice.

If it comes to find something to relax your mind, airy surrounding, modern with freshness at the same time crazy and bold for your bedroom, we have different shade of grey to surround yourself to sooth your every style and mood. With base in grey, try different colors according to the mood or occasion.

A sizzling red, tangy orange, bright purple, soothing blue, presence of white, peaceful green and different shades of grey itself with grey colors can work wonderfully to decorate your bedroom and in this aanyalinen can help to sort out your combinations of different bedding accessories. Different greys in our shop like elephant grey and silver grey can make it easy to go for either or both. Give a try to our range of light grey duvet cover, and you won’t be left complaining about its quality and color mixing with other colors. As, our grey is an evergreen grey to suit with every color.

Top Designer Kitchens Tips to Get the Details Right

There are some fantastic kitchen designers around, but often it is the small details that compromise luxury kitchens. Perth homeowners may choose the best cabinet company and purchase the highest quality counters, but if you don’t get those little details right, you may be disappointed in the finished renovation. Fortunately, we have some top tips to help you.

Colour Coordinate Your Outlets:

There is nothing more obvious than a bright white power socket or light switch. When you are opting for the look of high end designer kitchens, this can really ruin the aesthetics. When you have taken the trouble to choose chrome fixtures and appliances to complement your striking splashbacks, don’t ruin the whole look with cheap looking white plastic outlets.

Think About Task Lighting:

While most of us prefer a light, bright room to prepare meals, designer kitchens tend not to be so simplistic. A well designed kitchen has task lighting. This requires a little thought and forward planning, but you can install undercabinet lighting, spots and other directional light to help you with food prep. This means that you can add dimmers to your overhead light to create a more subtle mood when you are entertaining.

Conceal Your Appliances:

Unless you are buying high end units, your appliances may compromise the overall look of your new kitchen. However, it is possible to have the practicality of your appliances without needing to see them by using panelling. You can choose to panel all your appliances or just those that are preventing a harmonious, clean look. Another example of this is the microwave. Most kitchens need a microwave for heating up leftovers, but it can take up valuable counter space and look unsightly.

Define Your Kitchen Zones:

To ensure that your new kitchen not only looks great but is practical, you need to define the separate zones. Think about where you will prep food and clean up. Although it may seem like a great idea to have a sink in a central island, there is a risk that you will have a pile of dishes stacking up next to it. Don’t overlook how much space you will need for food prep or the whole flow of your new kitchen will be off.

Think About Storage Solutions:

Finally, if you want a sleek, designer kitchen, you will need to think about your storage solutions. Think about where your pot lids will be stored and if you need pull out drawers for your pots and pans. By planning out your storage, you can keep your countertops clear for all of your attractive accessories.

Benefits of a Garage Door Replacement

Replacing an old, battered garage door can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. While a garage door replacement may not be the most enticing home improvement project, it can provide major return on investment. Replacing an old garage door with a new one can almost pay for itself come time for resale.

Garage Door Replacement
Are you considering investing in a new garage door? There are many benefits of replacing your garage door. Here are the top five advantages of a garage door replacement:

Attractive Appearance.
Replacing an old garage door with an updated style can do wonders for curb appeal. After all, depending on the design of your home, a garage door can take up a substantial amount of your home’s exterior. The right garage door can help to create an inviting and attractive exterior. Luckily, garage doors are available in several colors, finishes, and styles to suit any home. Since there are many garage door styles to choose from, it is important to choose a door that represents your personal style and blends in with the rest of the home.

Higher Return on Investment.
While kitchens and bathrooms might be the most popular renovation projects among homeowners, they don’t necessary provide the best return on your investment. According to Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value report, a garage door replacement in the South Atlantic region can see a return on investment of 80.4%, with an average job cost of $1,655 and a return of $1,330. In comparison, kitchen and bathroom remodels had an average return on investment of 68.8% and 66.1%, respectively.

Improved Insulation.
Since garages are often not considered living space, construction standards differ from the rest of the home; this means garages aren’t as energy efficient as they could be. A new garage door can mean better insulation, which can help to keep cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter. In turn, this can also help to reduce energy bills.

Low Maintenance.
A huge bonus of a new garage door is that it doesn’t come with a long list of maintenance requirements. Thankfully, long gone are the days of scraping off flaking paint and repainting or refinishing wood garage doors. Most metal doors only require occasional cleaning with soap and water.

Promoted Safety.
A new garage door can mean more safety for you and your family. Most newer garage doors come with photoelectric detectors, which sense when something or someone is coming in or out of the garage when in motion.